The Radiance Of Mount Yasur

The radiating glow of Mount Yasur, the world’s most accessible active volcano, is said to have attracted the great Captain Cook to the shores of Tanna Island by mere coincidence.

You do not want to miss a visit to its rim while you’re on tour to Vanuatu. It takes you on a tour of this beautiful island upon the long trip to the ‘the world’s most accessible active volcano.’

You’ll probably think you’ve just landed on Mars once you step on the volcano’s ash-covered plain. As you near the beast, steam then begins to come out of the ground and then there’s no choice but to step out of the 4X4 and climb the rest of the way to watch the volcano show off.

When going through central Tanna highlands, several stops are made to take the glimpse of the spectacular views of Yasur Volcano as well as the east Tanna coastline.

Upon arrival, take time to spend at different points to invigorate in the panoramic view, the greenery and differing textures and forms get hold of on by the stopover and the abode of the volcano.

For the more adventurous travelers, they can take a short but sharp climb around the back of the commencing viewing up to the rim that will take about half an hour. Vertigo at the top of the Yasur volcano rim is not for the faint-hearted and the steepness needs some effort.

Generally, a volcano guide with torches to look after for each group is assigned, but since there are no fences or pathways, you will really sense a part of something raw and unspoiled. There’s an awe feeling while watching the caldera as it is spectacular and gives a natural firework display to contest any that is made by man.

The nightly spectacle begins as the sun magnificently sets. The explosion after explosion lightens the night sky, together with the smoke that engulfs the petrified yet inquisitive visitors viewing just a few meters above the crater.

The Mt. Yasur tour is an experience that you’ll never forget and a reminder of the wonder of nature and who rules in this island.